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About Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC

Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC was formed in 2013 after over 6 years in the telecommunications industry specializing in the oil & gas and energy sectors, a strong need for licensing services was realized to help clients obtain and maintain compliance. While some instances require legal counsel, it is not mandatory a client utilize a law firm to assist with compliance matters. It is recommended they utilize a knowledgeable industry professional who has extensive contacts within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to assist in obtaining compliance. Many situations can be resolved and possibly prevented with a knowledgeable professional looking out for the client’s best interest. Having an expert involved before an issue arises is one of the best ways to prevent a problem further down the road. It is also important that both the FCC/ FAA requirements and rules be considered as well as the engineering side to ensure the operation of the radio systems designed and put into service complement each other thus ensuring compliance prior to obtaining authorization for radio service or tower construction. We have a strong background in bridging the gap between the engineering side and the FCC and FAA. Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC is prepared to set our clients up for success by specializing the compliance side, but through partnering with industry professionals in their specific areas of expertise such as highly qualified engineers should the need arise.

The FCC is constantly changing and updating the rules for compliance. We stay abreast of the ever changing rules to ensure we keep our clients informed and on top. Navigating the FCC can sometimes be challenging and many people find it helpful to have an expert on their side to help them through the many different processes and requirements.

Crenshaw Communications Consulting, LLC specializes in meeting the needs of clients in the oil & gas, energy and utilities sectors of critical infrastructure.

Located close to Houston, Texas we are in a prime position for many oil & gas, energy and utilities companies. Interested in finding out more information about Crenshaw Communications? Contact us today!



Crenshaw Communications specializes in the following radio related services:

  • Licensed management services
  • Antenna Structure Registrations (ASRs)
  • FCC Policy and Procedure
  • Transfers of Control
  • Assignment of Authorizations
  • Special Temporary Authority (STA)
  • Site Checks for Tower Construction
  • Private Land Mobile Radio Services
  • Learn more about our services.